Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19

We are all excited our Tennesse business is open. However, we will continue to honor and practice our cleaning and disinfecting policies as we go forward.

  • Each VR Headset only covers your head and eyes. However, we have fitted, non-porous VR eye cushion inserts which are also covered with a single-use, disposable, and sanitary VR eye mask. After each use, the eye mask is disposed of and the headset is cleaned with appropriate disinfecting wipes. The headset is again cleaned as each new player readies themselves for VR play.
  • Our hand-held controllers are fitted with a non-porous, anti-bacterial silicone cover. After each use, the hand-held controllers are wiped down with appropriate disinfecting wipes and again cleaned prior to each new player as they enter the arcade play station.
  • We provide hand sanitizing stations at the facility entrance with prominent signage promoting usage.
  • Routine Cleaning as part of standard infection control practices is ongoing. We have procedures for sanitizing checkout stations, payment pads, countertops, doorknobs, light fixtures, and other frequently touched surfaces after each use. Floors, seating, furniture, and other surfaces are mopped/wiped down with disinfecting solution several times during the day.

Social Distancing

  • The Arcade seating has been spaced out throughout the arcade into 2 lounge areas. This is to allow for more distancing. While you are playing, a guest can sit and watch from 8 feet away.
  • 32 inch TV screens with full tilt and rotation have been mounted on the front of each station so your guests, friends or other players can watch while you play, all while maintaining an appropriate distance.
  • Each arcade station is a 3 walled 8ft x 8ft private space providing proper distancing and isolation while you play.