Treat Your Team to a Corporate Event Like No Other

Matrix VR Arcade is available for corporate events and training. Have fun with your team in our VR Private Lounge.

Book Your Corporate Event at Matrix VR Arcade

The VR arcade cost for corporate team building activities is affordable for all sizes of groups. Whether your party is large or small, VR arcade prices are usually comparable or even less than other party and event space options—plus VR gaming is one of the most fun team building activities you can do! At Matrix VR Arcade in Paris, TN, we offer price packages that work with any event and any size group. Our simplified pricing is based on 2-hour blocks of gaming time. Each of our corporate party packages includes access to one of our private party lounges with multiple VR gaming booth spaces, or you can choose to reserve the entire arcade for your corporate event. Whichever package you select, your guests will appreciate our clean, sanitized gaming space and equipment, VR headsets, and access to over 50 VR game options. When you compare the cost of other corporate team building events prices, you’ll find that VR arcade is a cost-effective, exciting option for all your corporate events.

VIP Lounge #1

Our VIP Lounge #1 is sized for 5-9 players and includes 5 VR booths and 2 racing stations, for a total of 7 stations. The Matrix VR Arcade cost for 2 hours in the VIP Lounge #1 is $195. It’s the perfect size for corporate team building activities for a small business.

VIP Party Lounge #2

Our VIP Party Lounge #2 is just right for 2-5 players and includes 5 VR booths and 2 racing stations, for a total of 7 stations. The Matrix VR Arcade cost for 2 hours in the VIP Party Lounge #2 is $85. It’s a great size for your leadership team, department party, or other small team building activities.

The Entire Arcade!

For larger events, our entire arcade is also available for rental. When you rent the arcade, you’ll receive access to 7 VR booths and two racing stations at a VR arcade price of $260 for two hours. If you’re looking for team building activities for your entire company or work Christmas party ideas, this is a perfect space!

What Can You Do for Your Corporate Event at Matrix?

If you’re looking for an exciting event space for fun team building activities or office party ideas in the Paris, TN area, look no further than Matrix VR Arcade. There are many options for corporate entertainment.

50+ VR Games

Planning your corporate party or event at Matrix VR Arcade gives you access to over 50 VR games. Whatever your company culture is like, we have a game your employees will enjoy, like sports, escape rooms, racing, problem solving, and more!

The Experiment Escape Room: A Heart-Pounding Approach to Team Building

The Experiment Escape Room game is a multiplayer adventure/puzzle game based in a medical office. Up to 6 people can play as a team to solve the puzzles and escape together. There’s also an option where players compete against each other to try to escape the room alone. The Experiment is one of our most popular team building activities for adults of all ages!

Fantastic Contraption – Problem Solving Experience Designed for Fun

The Fantastic Contraption problem solving game is another great choice for fun team building activities. Your group will work together to create life-sized contraptions and solve puzzles on a floating island. Fantastic Contraption is a great team building idea when you want to nurture creativity.

Sports Bar VR: Get to Know Your Team Outside of Work

When you’re looking for office party ideas, Sports Bar VR is a fun option. Your co-workers can enjoy single or multiplayer game options like darts, shuffleboard, pool, and more. Many businesses choose Sports Bar VR when they’re looking for team outing ideas or even work Christmas party ideas.

Rec Room: The Ultimate Group Hangout

The Rec Room VR game lets you connect with players around the world, exploring different rooms full of new experiences like paintball, dodgeball, haunted castles, and high seas adventures. Play with your team or connect with teams in other locations. The possibilities for fun are endless!

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