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Matrix VR Arcade is available for corporate events and training. Have fun with your team in our VR Private Lounge.

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The VR arcade cost for corporate team building activities is affordable for all sizes of groups. Whether your party is large or small, VR arcade prices are usually comparable or even less than other party and event space options—plus VR gaming is one of the most fun team building activities you can do! Propel your Team building event into the future and make it fun by incorporating Virtual Reality Experiences and create memories & experiences your team will never forget. Take your team on an amazing virtual field trips where guests are asked to collaborate with each other in an effort to achieve objectives in a virtual environment, or even where attendees foster a sense of friendly competition through VR challenges that ensures everyone is having a great time.

What Can You Do for Your Corporate Event at Matrix?

Rec Room: The Ultimate Group Hangout Uses: Games / Friendly Competition / Relaxation / Teamwork / Fun The Rec Room VR game is as multipurpose as its namesake. Paintball, laser tag, dodgeball, charades, and nearly any other team-based game you can think of are waiting for your team with thousands of user-generated and custom game and event rooms to choose from. Casual mini games and co-op quests provide an added opportunity for your attendees to bond by facing challenges together. In between the excitement, your team members can enjoy a peaceful stroll through a colorful park or a nice chat with a colleague in a calming lounge. Of Course we have many other amazing co-op, escape and team games for your guests to play, relax and have fun like; Escape First, The Experiment, Virtual Battlegrounds, Poker Stars, Casino Trips, Alt Space, PayDay, Arizona Sunshine, Elven Assassin & more

The Experiment Escape Room: A Heart-Pounding Approach to Team Building

The Experiment Escape Room game is a multiplayer adventure/puzzle game based in a medical office. Up to 6 people can play as a team to solve the puzzles and escape together. There’s also an option where players compete against each other to try to escape the room alone. The Experiment is one of our most popular team building activities for adults of all ages!

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