How Much Does It Cost to Have a VR Arcade Event?

Hosting a VR Arcade event is an exciting, affordable entertainment option for people of all ages. Far beyond the video arcades that were popular in decades past, a VR (Virtual Reality) arcade lets you fully immerse yourself in the game with the use of a VR headset that covers your head, eyes, and ears. This is gaming like you’ve never imagined! In a Virtual Reality arcade, the options for play are almost unlimited. Some of the most popular games are based on themes like sports, escape room, shooter, music, art, and family games like cooking or fishing. Hosting an event at Matrix VR Arcade is a perfect fit for birthday parties for kids or adults, corporate team building events, bachelor/bachelorette parties or just a fun night out with friends. There are VR games to fit any age group or skill level, making this a great option for groups that include multiple ages or generations. Even if there are some people in your group that aren’t gamers, watching other people play is almost as fun as playing yourself! When you are ready to book your event, you may be wondering about VR arcade prices. You’ll be happy to learn that virtual reality arcade events are surprisingly affordable. Whether you’re planning a party, family night, or corporate retreat/event, Matrix VR Arcade in Paris, TN has pricing options available for groups of any size.

Event Pricing Options

Determining the final VR arcade cost for your event depends primarily on the size of your group. But whether your group is large or small, VR arcade prices are usually comparable or even less than other party and event space options—plus enjoying the VR games with your friends, family, or coworkers is a lot of fun! At Matrix VR Arcade in Paris, TN, we offer several price packages to fit any event and any size group. We’ve designed our pricing to be simplified, and it’s based on 2-hour blocks of gaming time. Each of our affordable party packages includes access to one of our private party lounges with multiple virtual reality gaming booth spaces, or you can choose to reserve the entire arcade for your event. No matter which package you choose, you’ll also enjoy a clean, sanitized gaming space and equipment, VR headset, and access to over 50 VR games.

VIP Lounge #1: $195 = 1 Hour or $325 for 2 Hours

-Full use of the front of Arcade five (5) Virtual Reality Booths -Two ( 2 ) Virtual Reality Car Racing Simulators -Arcade attendant to help with games -Lounge seating for 9 people so bring your guests -Banquet table & chairs - Paper plates, utensils, -cups & napkins included. So bring your own food, coolers & cake -Free Matrix VR T-shirt for the guest of honor & Free Matrix VR wristbands & Popcorn for all. -Seven (7) TV Monitors for guests to watch in-game play -Your name and event on our LED welcome board -Free 30 Minute play via our loyalty program for your next visit.

VIP Lounge #2: $80 = 1 Hour or $120 for 2 Hours

- Private 20 X 20 VIP Room - Max occupancy 6 people. - Lounge seating for 2-5 people - Arcade attendant to help with games - Banquet table & chairs - Paper plates, utensils, cups & napkins included. So bring your own food, coolers & cake - Free Matrix VR T-shirt for the guest of honor & Free Matrix VR wristbands & Popcorn for all. - Use of two (2) Xtra large Virtual Reality Game Booths to be shared & Arcade Attendant - Your name and event on our LED welcome board - 2 TV Monitors to watch in-game play

The Entire Arcade: $260 = 1 Hour or $375 for 2 Hours

For larger events, you can also rent out our entire arcade. When you rent the arcade, you’ll receive access to 7 VR booths and two racing stations. Renting the arcade is a popular choice for larger birthday parties, corporate team building, and even wedding receptions! Business owners—when you compare the cost of other corporate team building events prices, you’ll find that VR arcade is a cost-effective, exciting option for your next company event. Includes everything in Lounge 1 & Lounge 2 Packages

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Virtual Reality Arcade prices make this the perfect option for your next get-together. If you’re looking for an exciting event space in the Paris, TN area, look no further than Matrix VR Arcade. Give us a call at 731-407-7175 or use our convenient online form to reserve your event date today.

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