Ebullition LBVR

Ebullition LBVR is a high fidelity horror multiplayer shooter, designed for Virtual Reality Arcade, that means players can start playing within seconds. This game is designed to be simple to play and without learning curve, so players can start having fun right away, even if they are not a gamer. This game can be played using just one controller or up to two controllers for dual-wielding, no movement required, no virtual reality sickness, suitable for first time VR user, great for co-location gameplay, also supports PPGUN with vive tracker. Story: In a future dystopian world dominated by megacorportions, portals to other dimensions have been discovered, mysterious creatures have been found, leading to megacorporations and governments forming research organizations. You are soldiers in an elite squad formed by the organization, dedicated to enforcing their will, whatever it may be. Ebullition has episodic concentrated action, each mission is about 8-12 min long. You and your friends will be challenged by special missions, accomplish the mission or die trying.