Mace & Grace

Mace and Grace is a furious Medieval VR arcade game where you stand your ground, preventing your majesty's rivaling enemy army as they try to steal your lady. Be brave and get that fairy tale ending. Be creative and smash enemy knights with maces, axes, morningstars, spears, fists or even with your sweltering fire breath. Try to score more in limited time modes or fight to the death with unlimited waves of enemies. Test yourself in multiple levels, game modes and more, while challenging your friends in the global leaderboard for the top! Become the Renowned Protector of your Grace! The game’s glorious weaponry lineup includes: 1. Spear 2. Mace 3. Axe 4. Club 5. Crossbow 6. Bare hands (Daring enough to get your hands dirty?) More weapons to come! Additional features include: • More Power = More Points! - Hit invading knights as hard as possible (With Great Power comes Great Ranks!) • Two Knight Trance = Obliterating pairs of knights at a time to activate the special rage mode • Taking advantage of slo-mo bonus Dodging bombs with evasive maneuvering • Using special weapons with a slew of unique methods • Wishlist today and live happily ever after!