Poker Stars VR

PokerStars, the world’s leading poker brand, has combined live and online poker in a truly immersive VR experience. Study your opponents, pick up on their tells, and chat in real time Handle your chips and cards, just as you would at a real-world poker table Keep the table fun with interactive props and toys, summoned in an instant This is the most exciting poker game on the planet, and there’s a seat open for you right now. - KEY FEATURES - Authentic poker action A fully immersive, social experience Simple, intuitive, easy to play Play real opponents Realistic physics, from cards and chips to balloons, pistols and more Unlock free chips every day Introducing NEW Spin & Go tournaments with weekly leader boards and in game rewards for the winners Boost your bank roll with in game chip purchases “Access to in game purchases may be restricted by location” - EXOTIC LOCALES - Macau 2050: A futuristic re-imagining of Macau by night The Galaxy Space Station: Beware Space Worms Macau Suite: An opulent yet intimate and relaxing environment The Showdown Saloon: Play in a classic Wild West saloon The Monte-Carlo Yacht: Take to the high seas The Void: Play with no distractions PokerStars Arena: High stakes action Spies: Evil Volcano Lair Cyber: Cyber Apartment Medieval: Medieval Apartment - RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR (RNG) - The PokerStars VR Random Number Generator (RNG) has been certified by iTech Labs, one of the leading accredited testing laboratories for online gaming worldwide. iTech Labs has found that the card sequences in PokerStars VR are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed. The PokerStars VR RNG Certificate may be found here: